Kiddd is busy with the trust crisis, with officials who need to be checked





Trustworthy ?



Wolves in the sunshine


Softprovocation is a method to attack a wolf in sheep’s clothing in a power position. Using and stressing the democratic rights, f.i. to express one’s opinion, the wolf is accused from all sides, especially on his own terrain. Accusations are based on facts / real events and are proposed in a civilized manner, with ideas, with cleverness and - if possible - with show-effects (people like show-effects!). A side goal is to generate in the public respect for the actors, respect because of their courage, because of their being well informed and because of their clever and civilized manner of action.


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Tekstvak: Honest persons …
Honestly looking persons …
Persons with charisma …
Can persons with charisma misuse their property for cheating?
Tekstvak: Big and important question? 
Yes!  He can !



If the attacked wolf starts a counterattack, the actors regress like a gum wall. When the wolf starts using / misusing his house right to set the actors out, the actors leave. They go <off limits>, but only to go on immediately with their campaign just at the border of the forbidden terrain, blaming the wolf for misusing his house right. Formally the wolf is right. Therefore they accept that for a moment to avoid that the wolf can call help from police. The actors act within legal limits. No hard provocations as in Green Peace stunts. Soft provocation instead. That’s more powerful.


Managers of multinationals and their molls, sitting in the administration as top-officials, or as politicians in the parliament, or as leading persons in academic institutions, are targets of softprovocation. It’s a method more powerful than you might think!  Join a softprovocation-group to experience it.


Wolves in sheep’s clothing are making immense damage to the society when acting, not followed and unseen. Softprovocation-groups make shine the sun, make shine the sun on wolves.





Example of wolf hunting

Accusation of lies, manipulations, cheating, causing damage, being member of a x-group, support of patent fraud: suppression of patent fraud examination by honest officials in EZ. (The NL-Patent Office is a section of EZ.)


Tekstvak: Er kwam geen antwoord op de open brief. Die heer heeft iets te verbergen! Dus de heer Hugp Brouwer wordt tot erkend onbetrouwbare ambtenaar verklaard. De eis van Kiddd is:  onmiddellijk aftreden! Positie vrij maken voor een betrouwbare ambtenaar!
Wij hebben intussen heel wat informatie over deze heer verzameld, die een van onze aangesloten organisaties zal publiceren.

Kiddd   Burgerorganisatie  Future for the kids of the world  O film O

Hugo Brouwer, quit the office!

Paid by us, working against us.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Ovaal: Ovaal: Ovaal: In you we trust. May we ?
Ovaal: In you we trust. May we ?
Ovaal: Deep check  of 
officials in deep silence
Ovaal: Deep check  of 
officials in deep silence
Ovaal: Trust or cheat: what do we need ?

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